Douglas Herring

Douglas Herring started work as a freelance illustrator. He was hired at Sierra On-Line to lead a murder mystery designed by Roberta, later named The Colonel’s Bequest. Then he continued as animation lead on Conquests of Camelot, designed the combat system and a few backgrounds for Quest for Glory II, and led an animation team for King’s Quest V. He also had a hand in the VGA update for Space Quest I, and the animation art for Mixed-up Fairy Tales and The Castle of Doctor Brain. After leaving Sierra, Douglas worked on Ringworld with Tsunami Games as Art Director and Designer. He left the project early to begin Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Hunt with Tachyon Games. His last adventure game was as Art Director for Shannara by Legend Entertainment. After that, Douglas worked under Microsoft for the next eight years on franchises including Close Combat, Age of Empires, and Fable.