Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart has been an adventure gamer since the age of 3, when they taught themselves to read just so they could understand that Maniac Mansion game their mom kept playing on the Commodore. This began a lifelong love for entertainment and storytelling across all mediums, from childhood work doing nationally syndicated spots for Radio Disney to present-day where they can be heard as Sluggo in Cosmic Void’s newest game, Twilight Oracle. Jackie is the vocalist for the band Error 47, as heard on their upcoming album reimagining the legendary music of The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, SOUP’S ON, and Erik Elsom’s recently released King’s Quest VI album, AN ODE TO THE ISLES. Jackie is also an admin of The Classic Gamers Guild on Facebook, a safe haven for all fans of games old and new. Their future goals include more voiceover work, as well as plans to write on obscure gaming-related subjects that fascinate them, including movie-licensed video games.