Jane Jensen

Jane Jensen Holmes fell in love with adventure games in her twenties and played all the games Sierra could manufacture as well as adventures from Lucas Arts. She got the opportunity to work for Sierra Online in 1988 and began in the writer’s block there doing dialogue and doco for Police Quest 3. She worked with Roberta Williams on King’s Quest VI and then had the opportunity to do her own series, Gabriel Knight. The third Gabriel Knight game was developed after the sale of Sierra, so you might call her the “last dinosaur on the block”. Since leaving Sierra, Jane has worked on many casual games including collaborations with the Agatha Christie estate, James Patterson, and Charlaine Harris, via a company she co-founded, Oberon Media. Since 2012, Jane has focused on writing fiction and has published over fifty novels. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Robert Holmes, and two demanding canines.