Mat Van Rhoon

At the age of 9, Mat became an avid gamer, starting his journey with DOS titles and consoles of the 8-bit era. His attraction to interactive storytelling determined his direction in college, where he would learn multimedia design and music composition, with a strong focus on narrative gaming. At the same time, he became an active member of various gaming communities, notably in adventure gaming realms and the Tex Murphy series. This involvement saw his break into the video game industry as a fan-turned-major contributor to the 2014 release of Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure as the VFX supervisor and lead VFX artist. Since then, he has worked on projects for Big Finish Games, Niantic, and MARVEL, while also continuing to compose original orchestral and chiptune game soundtracks for independent game studios. As of 2024, he has launched a new game studio, Terabbit Studios, developing an all-new adventure IP in the narrative thriller genre.