Robert Heitman

Robert Heitman started his professional programming career at Sierra On-Line in 1982 as a conversion programmer, porting Sierra’s early graphics adventures to the Commodore 64. He joined Sierra’s original educational software group and was responsible for several titles including a completely revised Commodore 64 version of Learning with Leeper and an original product called Story Maker, a text and graphics editor designed to allow children to create shareable “stories” that could be exchanged with friends and family. Robert programmed King’s Quest III along with Al Lowe and Robert Kernhagan, and then went on to co-develop the SCI system with Jeff Stephenson. He was also the director of the group that added the 256 color VGA extensions to SCI. Robert later served as the VP of Engineering and of Product Development, and as acting General Manager for The Sierra Network. After leaving Sierra On-Line in late 1991, he went to work under contract to Tsunami Media. He started his own company in 1993, Triton Interactive, and did contract consulting and programming for several companies including Interplay, Legend Entertainment, Legacy Software, and Microsoft. He now lives in Oakhurst, California.